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When Urban Trendy Areas become Hip?

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This article is about all the trendy areas which become so expensive to live in, due to bankers and rich kids, estate agents putting up the prices of property, from the time the areas are tidied up by bringing in boutiques and culture.

Whereas before the areas were nasty to live in, artists move in make them HIP then the SIGN OF GREED changes everything.

London’s Shoreditch area is becoming the same.

It has been getting worse over the last 3 years, artists and residents are seeing the area change dramatically and it’s spreading to other areas, Dalston, Hackney and even Clapton.

It is fine if you earn a decent wage or get good money or try to make ends meet, but when general going out and food is getting so expensive-HOW IS ANYONE supposed to live.

On a personal note, I will be moving out of Bethnal Green due to the expense of living in the area and I mainly go out in South London, New Cross and sometimes West but not regularly.

So I know how I feel about these peoples situations but things move on and progress will continue….Unfortunately

Anyway Jnerio Jarel (The Hip-Hop Producer) was talking about this on Myspace about Brooklyn and I would like some London artists to discuss this issue…

Here is some views from Jneiro Jarel’s article-copy and paste below link

He got this from the link is to pitchfork about TV on the Radio producer David Sitek having to close his studio in Williamsburg because he can’t afford the rent, he is now moving to live in LA permanently.


Rihanna Vs Chris Brown-WTF

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Ok before the Grammys

Rihanna and Chris Brown were in a relationship, both are young, Chris is 18/19 and Rihanna is 20/21

Both denied they were dating on separate occasions but then there has been rumours of infidelity on both sides, rules of conduct enforced after gigs (Rihanna on Chris), transmission of STD

But the relationship was still going strong until the fateful night of Grammys

Just before the venture into the car on the pre-journey before the incident-look at the body language of Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown had admitted he witnessed domestic violence in his own family on the Tyra Banks.

But that doesn’t mean what you see you do.

The story doesn’t add up, and worse of all, Chris Brown is being made the BAD GUY in all of this.

It takes two to tango!

Rihanna is no angel and has already started to show DIVA behaviour in the last year!

So a few theories I have heard and what I think!?!?!

1. I think both are as bad as each other and one of the party wanted to break up-but it got out of hand!-What a worse night to do it on

2.Rihanna is a control freak (I believe this) and Chris Brown just had enough (but his reaction was wrong!-but it could have been self-defense)-the evidence towards this can be found out by reports on when Chris Brown toured in London and how Rihanna reacted when a fan danced with him.

3. Based on this report below, Rihanna annoyed him and he reacted in frustration and she was hysterical because he was put into Jail and the incident was 50/50.

4. The incident happened in a residential area-why? Very suspicious!

5. And last but not least, the Rihanna camp was not liking the relationship (as Rihanna was more likely to become a problem to deal with) and wanted to somehow end it so they could have more control of Rihanna so they made up a story, rumours to mess up the relationship, knowing Chris Brown was volatile.

6. A stupid rumour, that Rihanna is pregnant and wanted to get rid of the baby, and Chris reacted badly, but this could be squashed as he wouldn’t want to hurt a woman who is pregnant, unless he is a REAL DOG.

Only time will tell what happens!

Deathnote-The Trailer

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Hello everyone

I acquired all of the series of Deathnote on DVD and the volume 4 is out soon

But a trailer of wow wicked this series is….

this is what the idea is about

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers-Is they Don’t Eat You

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Silly Blog I know


When I woke up this morning, running around getting ready for work, I realised about children’s books and TV programmes

The one what was at the forefront of my mind was Winnie The Pooh

A Bear called Pooh? MMMMMMMM!

Then I thought of the story where the characters told Tigger to leave the 100 Acre wood, which is sad and I remember being upset at this as Tigger was my favourite character, Pooh Bear was sad about this, but Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore and the others wanted him gone.

So as you know the story goes on and eventually they look for him and he helps save Rabbit, who in turn thanks him..

Happy Tigger pushing Piglet in Flowers

Happy Ending-In Reality NO!

A Real Tiger

Tigger is a TIGER who lives in a forest (not a jungle), and he gets told to basically F*Ck OFF by a little pig, Donkey, and a stupid hyperactive Rabbit

This docile stupid looking Rabbit

They should be lucky Tigger didn’t decide to eat them all, look at Sher Khan in Jungle Book he nearly kills Baloo, a bear 6 times the size of Pooh.

If I was Tigger I would have gone scitzo if a rabbit told me to bugger off, Tigger should have made a rabbit and carrot stew and blackmailed Pooh for his house so he didn’t eat Piglet or the beautiful tough meat of Kanga or Roo

Kanga is a single mum who would help her out OWL?

OWL gets in flap when he gets flooded let alone when a tiger is ready for his dinner BBQ Rabbit

So next time someone bigger annoys you, allow sometimes as mark my words

It won’t be like the Winnie The Pooh stories, but how fast can you run before being beaten..

A picture of Tigger ready to pin his Human Prey and devour him

Sign Of The Times-Princes Baffling Brillance nearly 20 years on

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As this is one of my favourite Prince albums

I found this review from Kurt Loder (remember the MTV TRL host) for Rolling Stone Magazine

Prince’s baffling brilliance


Paisley Park/Warner Bros.


Prince is beginning to be a puzzlement. Sign o’ the Times, his ninth album in what is now a nine-year recording career, is of course largely dazzling; sixteen tracks spread across two LPs — half of them brilliant, half merely better than ninety percent of the stuff you hear on the radio. There really is no one else like him (although a lot of people try to be), and he remains that rare pop artist to whom you can attach the word genius –or artist, for that matter — without gagging.

But three years ago, with his album Purple Rain perched atop the charts and his movie of the same name racking up boffo box office, Prince appeared to be poised on the verge of some Great Statement — some grand new synthesis of black and white musical forms, of sexual redefinition and spiritual devotion. He seemed, in short, to be about to put it all together. But in the wake of Purple Rain, he has drifted. Maybe the movie, with its quasi-autobiographical themes and its implicit challenge to his powers as a budding auteur, focused his creative energies in a one-time-only way. Maybe the Prince-mania that attended its release frightened him. (Or disgusted him. Or bored him.) Whatever the case, with the subsequent Around the World in a Day and Parade, he has been backing away from that peak ever since. Now comes Sign o’ the Times, and the Great Statement remains unmade.

This is only a relative letdown, of course. Coming from almost any other artist, Sign would be cause for celebration (not to mention mad partying). The best music here is tough and inventive and exuberantly experimental. Dispensing with his former band, the Revolution (it appears on only one cut, the funk workout “It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night,” recorded live in Paris last year), Prince scales back its creative attack to what is essentially a one-man-band operation, with overdubbed assists from two estimable horn men, sax player Eric Leeds and trumpeter Atlanta Bliss. (There are also key bits by percussionist-singer Sheila E., ex-Revolutionaries Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin, Wendy’s sister Susannah Melvoin, pop singer Sheena Easton and a new vocalist named Camille.)

The resulting minimalism, especially after some of the string-laden pretensions of Parade, is wonderfully bracing. “Sign o’ the Times,” the album’s first single, sets up an immediate tension between a rubbery bass riff and a ponging percussion figure, blossoming rather darkly with the addition of subtly unsettling keyboard chords as Prince decries the contemporary prevalence of drugs and war and suggests, as an antidote, “Let’s fall in love, get married, have a baby/We’ll call him Nate (If it’s a boy).” This is pure Prince — the formidable rhythmic power, the sociosexual transcendentalism, the loopy humor — and it’s perfect, a piece of real aural art.

Elsewhere, and with equally impressive results, Prince reasserts his mastery of both black funk idioms and white psychedelic and hard-rock styles. “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man,” with its Who-like crunch chords and its irresistible keyboard riff, is the most irresistible guitar rocker Prince has done since 1980’s “When You Were Mine.” And “It,” with its Pink Floyd-style guitar tones, and the delightful “Hot Thing,” which features an odd little Oriental keyboard hook, re-confirm Prince’s genuine affection for Sixties-style trippery. The stylized funk tracks are even more revealing — they seem in some ways to be almost homages. The sexy “Slow Love,” with its jaunty keyboards and neck-nuzzling delivery, vividly recalls Sly Stone at the peak of his powers. And the uproarious “Housequake” is a virtual survey of thirty years of black performance styles: the title apparently refers to house music, which erupted out of Chicago last year; the singer’s boastful persona is borrowed from rap; the wicked beat and machine-gun horn lines are pure James Brown; and the goofy exhortation that brackets the track — “Shut up, already! Damn!” — is lifted from Little Richard. As might be expected, the whole things smokes ferociously.

The balance of the album finds Prince being his unpredictable self — which is, if nothing else, never dull. “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” takes it title not from the celebrated quiptress of the Algonquin Round Table but rather from a fictive blond waitress who has “a quicker wit” than Prince and (like him) loves Joni Mitchell. The hilarious and sexually arresting “If I Was Your Girlfriend” is a funk-thunk number with weird crowdlike backup vocals; it finds Prince wheedling his beloved with the disconcerting question “Would you run to me if somebody hurt you/Even if that somebody was me?” Then there’s “The Cross,” one of his most straightforward religious songs, which starts off as a sort of folk-rock ballad, then erupts into overpowering power-guitar chords and concludes in a shimmering puddle of jazzlike vocal harmony straight out of the Four Freshman song book.

In fact, Prince’s virtuoso eclecticism has seldom been so abundantly displayed, from the Hendrixian funk that crops up on “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” and the Wizard of Oz drones that form the unlikely center of “It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night” to the razory instrumental run in “Play in the Sunshine” and the eerie keyboard wheezlings in “Housequake.”

That all sounds pretty interesting. In fact, it is. “Sign o’ the Times,” “Housequake,” “Hot Thing” and “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” will be new Prince classics. “It,” “Slow Love,” “It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night” and the almost-heavy-metal “U Got the Look” are almost as good. There would be one great LP hidden in the sprawl of this double album if the songs exerted any uniform effect. Unfortunately, they don’t. That’s okay; one takes great songs wherever one can find them. But simple virtuosity — mere brilliance, one might almost say — seems too easy an exercise, at this point, for someone of Prince’s extraordinary gifts. And he is beginning to repeat himself: “Play in the Sunshine” is the sort of soulful raveup he’s tossed off several times before, and the little bass idea that so memorably animates the title tune crops up again in both “Hot Thing” and the mildly intriguing “Forever in My Life.” This way lies decadence.

Prince appeared on the scene as a champion of outcast originality. He demonstrated for a new generation the beauty of true style and unconstrained personality, the complexity of the interplay among love and God and sexuality and — most important — the essentially multiracial nature of rock & roll music. He is an artist capable of altering popular consciousness in concrete ways, but Sign o’ the Times seems unlikely to alter anything more profound than the face of the hit parade. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s rather like the story about Jesus feeding the multitudes with miraculous loaves and fishes. Such fundamental nourishment is always appreciated. But when a full-blown feast is so obviously within Prince’s capabilities, one wonders: Why doesn’t he go for it?

(RS 498)

She Hate Me-Spike Lee’s Most Slated Joint-But his best film…

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Okay for the record I have seen most of Spike Lee’s films so I maybe biased towards his work, I love that he does films independently and doesn’t care how controversial he is, it may seem strange but Barbara Steisand is the same with obviously different themes, weird comparison but nevertheless true..

She Hate Me is not the worse film of Spike Lee’s or generally , and unlike most critics and moviegoers state (check metacritic)

Even Peter Travers-Rollingstone slated this film and I usually like his reviews..

In my opinion this film is the best alongside Mo Better Blues, which people would argue about due to the love of Do The Right Thing….

So every 6 months I watch this film alone or with friends and last night for a change with my girlfriend, who loved the film by the way. So that is one person who at least agrees it’s a good film.

Like I said most people consider this film awful, but sometimes it is just not so easy to comprehend.

This involves alot of subjects which are tackled in this clever satirical way, I would love to interview Spike Lee about this film but I will have to wait and bide my time…

However this is my snopsis on the film and afterwards I would like you to check it out, rent it or borrow it, but give it back to the person who owns it (they probably like the film), and perhaps buy it from Amazon or buy the Spike Lee boxset for a reasonable price in the UK £20 for 9 films..


It’s safe to say that most people don’t like Spike Lee. He’s a radical, he can be seen as racist(bit far fetched i know but he has been accused of it), and a lot of people just don’t like his movies.

“Not another Spike Lee Movie?” Sigh, Huff, sulk that you can’t come up with better ideas.

I like most of Spike Lee’s films, they all have an edge to them only Bamboozled got abit jumbled near the end half an hour in my opinion, in some ways a film which was better done relating to the meida perhaps not racist but the infleunce was Network By Sidney Lumet . But as critics hate She HATE Me and moviegoers who like to write comments on blogs or film websites.

I believe most couldn’t handle everything that Lee (and co-screenwriter Michael Genet) put onto the plate, probably as they couldn’t be that pretenious about it.

There’s so much for Lee to rant on and make fun of that the movie occasionally can lag but this is not a disadvantage as it gives you time to reflect on previous points in the film.

Jack Armstrong (Anthony Mackie) is a VP of a pharamsuetical company and witnesses the suicide of his co-worker Dr. Herman Schiller and finds a CD with his co-worker confessing of the company’s (Progeia) wrong doings. Jack gets fired from his position as he witnesses shredding of evidence to not get impeached and his bank accounts are frozen (How he reacts at the bank to the manager is hilarious). He does what he has to do to live until his ex-boss Leland Powell (Woody Harrelson) finds out about it and get him on charges.

His ex-fiancée Fatima (Kerry Washington) and her lesbian lover Alex (the stunningly beautiful Dania Ramirez) gives Jack an offer he can’t refuse. He gets to impregnate (“the old fashion way”) women for $5000 each. He’s initially reluctant, but he decides to go ahead. Soon, Fatima brings a bunch of lesbians to his place, and from then he goes on to father 18 lesbians for the price of 10 grand each. Jack has morality issues to deal with, but also, at the same time his former company frame him for the corrupt business practices.

The saying SHIT HAPPENS applys here too much.

Also in the storyline is Monica Bellucci’s character get impregnated with her mob family knowing about it.

At the film’s climax, Armstrong’s situation is portrayed as a cause celebre, with protests being held in support of or against him, and the news media interviewing people on the street with respect to his sexual activities. Armstrong is called before a committee of the United States Senate investigating his alleged securities fraud, where both his services to lesbians and his relationship to the “Bonasera crime family” are raised.

Armstrong’s situation is compared, both by cutaway scenes and by direct reference in dialogue, to the plight of Frank Wills, the security guard who discovered the break-in that led to the Watergate scandal, which brought down President Nixon. He eventually wins the case and is seen with nineteen of the children he helped his lesbian acquaintances make at the end.

All of Spikes film’s go off the storyline and gives the audience a chance to know the characters.

But by the end of the film, you feel connected with Jack, Fatima, Alex and all the other characters surrounding them. Another thing that Spike did a good job on was the portrayal of lesbians. Unlike other films, “She Hate Me” doesn’t portray them as sex vixens who have nothing on their mind but sex. But as smart, intelligent and funny women that are concerned about family values and the society surrounding them, and maybe a little bit of sex.

She Hate Me” for me is one of the most entertaining of Spike’s, and during the aforementioned courtroom climax, you’re rooting for Jack, because you’ve been through what he’s been through. You recognized the cruelty of the company, so you feel with Jack, and because he’s such a normal character, you can go along with what he’s feeling and everything unfair that happens to him (which is a lot).

I can’t stress how interesting this film is but please open you mind and watch, it is unconventional…

5 Things you must know about sleep

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This is an article from

Robin Lloyd
LiveScience Senior Editor

You’re tired. You could put your head down on a desk right now and fall asleep immediately. You went to bed late last night, had trouble falling asleep and woke up too early. And let’s not kid ourselves: Tonight will be the same unless … well, read on.

This is the classic not-so-shut-eye experience of many Americans who think they are sleep-deprived and possibly need pills or other treatment to fix their insomnia, teeth grinding, jet lag, restless or jerky legs, snoring, sleepwalking and so forth.

Reality is quite different.

For instance, insomnia is said to be the most common sleep disorder, but these dissatisfying sleep experiences only get in the way of daily activities for 10 percent of us, according to the National Institutes of Health. And in almost half of those cases, the real underlying problem is illness (often mental) or the effects of a substance, like coffee or medication.

Here are five recent findings that might help you rest easier:

1. We sleep better than we think we do

For most of us, sleep deprivation is a myth. We’re not zombies. The non-profit National Sleep Foundation (which takes money from the sleep-aid industry, including drug companies that make sleeping pills) says the average U.S. resident gets 7 hours a night and that’s not enough, but a University of Maryland study earlier this year shows we typically get 8 hours and are doing fine. In fact, Americans get just as much sleep nowadays as they did 40 years ago, the study found.

2. We need less sleep as we age

We’ll die without sleep. The details are sketchy, but research suggests it’s a time when we restore vital biological processes and also sort and cement memories. Last year, the World Health Organization determined that nightshift work, which can lead to sleep troubles, is a probable human carcinogen. On the upside, the latest research suggests we need less of it as we get older.

3. You can sleep like a baby (or Thomas Edison)

Multiple, shorter sleep sessions nightly, rather than one long one, are an option. So-called polyphasic sleep is seen in babies, the elderly and other animals (and Thomas Edison reportedly slept this way). For the rest of us, it is more realistic and healthy to sleep at night as best we can and then take naps as needed. EEGs show that we are biphasic sleepers with two alertness dips – one at night time and one mid-day. So talk to HR about setting up a nap room, like they have for NASA’s Phoenix mission team members.

4. Animals exhibit a range of sleep habits

The three-toed sloth sleeps 9.6 hours nightly. But newborn dolphins and killer whales can forgo sleeping for their entire first month. However, the latter extreme is not recommended for humans. We grow irritable and lose our ability to focus and make decisions after even one night of missed sleep, and that can lead to serious accidents driving and using other machinery.

5. Get used to being tired, hit the desk

The bottom line is that a good night’s sleep is within the reach of most of us if we follow common-sense guidelines for sleep hygiene:

Go to bed at the same time nightly.

Set aside enough time to hit that golden 7 hours of sleep.

Refrain from caffeine, heavy or spicy foods, and alcohol and other optional medications that might keep you awake, four to six hours before bed-time.

Have a pre-sleep routine so you wind down before you hop in.

Block out distracting lights and noises.

Only engage in sleep and sex in bed (no TV-watching, reading or eating).

Exercise regularly but not right before bed.

Lastly Sweet dreams-One of my famous art pieces by Picasso-Sleeping Women