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Michael Jackson Legacy and Life at Sony.

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With Michael Jackson’s passing in June

Their has been a lot of speculation on what he was like in reality and how he worked in the music industry.

Well this 6 part radio interview with two staff members at Sony music gives you an insight in what Michael was like as a human being and a recording artist.

The people being interviewed is Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle

Cory Rooney has worked and been instrumental in the music careers Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child, Shakira to name a few.

While Michael was working on Invincible Cory was his confident and inside man at Sony. He discusses this within the interviews and what Michael was like to work in the studio with.

Chris Apostle is a music executive at Sony Music and dealt with a lot of business issues at Sony related to Michael.

The interviews are in 10 min chunks


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Best Music of 2009…So Far

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As we now have under 6 months of the year to go with new music releases coming out..

I have compiled a list of albums which are worth listening to and in my opinion obtaining and what is not!

Golden Silvers-True Romance

This album has a mixture of 80’s but nevertheless is original in content. The musicianship on this album is high class and i expect alot of excellent albums from this group in the future. For people who love The Smiths mixed with great musicianship, I would highly recommend this album

True Romance

The Invisible-The Invisible

Another trio produced by the genius of Matthew Herbert, the lead singer has a rich voice reminiscent of old soul singers but set in a indie context. This album has grown on me and the musicians are great live..

Florence and the Machine-Lungs

Not since Bjork or Fiona Apple have I thought someone can try to compete with Kate Bush in musicality and style, but Florence is very good. Her music should be very successful in a underground/inide context if her music was in another era she would be hugely successful. This album has songs which pop music should be.

Passion Pit-Passion Pit

Another group that has been getting a little undercurrent of following, a group from Boston, USA which has musicality like TV on the Radio and more bite then the flat Hot Chip.

Noisettes-Wild Hearts Run Free

I loved their first punky, all balls first album, here the group have used Shingai’s voice to great effect and it is a shame they seem to have only got recognised now..

Paulo Nutini-Sunny Side Up

I love this album and I didn’t like the first atall (I thought he was a poor James Morrison who was a poor soul-type James Blunt) but Paolo Nutini has really improved alot and this is my 2nd favourite album of the year and surprised me so much. Great songs, great musicianship and shows this man has talent. Try and get to listen you will find something to like..

Lady Ga Ga-The Fame

My album of the year so far, an album full of great songs and Redone is a sick producer (the stuff here is so much better then Akon’s) yes I am not a big pop fan but this is great music and I can’t see many albums beating this. Plus it has no Steven Hawking voice machine in it gladly. We may have the new Madonna on our hands and she has struggled and worked hard to get where she is..

Some albums that have disappointed me…


I love Maxwells voice, and I was ready to promote his new album with open arms and embrace it but another issue again with a Soul singer’s album where are the F*CKING melodies? Bad Habits and Cold are good but the album is another disappointment for me, cold dead and uninspiring from Maxwell who has become so safe musically since the amazing Embrya album..

La Roux-La Roux

Two hit songs but a boring album, and I think a very contrived artist who doesn’t interest me at all because the material is so one dimensional, In For The Kill remix by Skream is great, acquire that and forget about this artist otherwise. If i wanted to hear this type of music i would listen to Eurythmics, Yazoo and later on Everything But The Girl..

Daniel Merriweather-Love and War

Rated very highly Mark Ronson’s protegee, but talk about a boring album, if you weren’t depressed before you will be after listening to this album. Change is a good pop song but apart from that No memorable music and to be honest if you want to hear something like this I feel sorry for you. Over hyped as an artist but however Daniel can sing and I would hope to hear a better album next time, a couple of up beat numbers at least.

Mos Def-The Ecstatic

Black on Both Sides is one of the best Hip-Hop albums of the last 10 years, but Mos Def doesn’t seem to want to replicate at least one track as good ever again. This is a mixtape and really should be free because all this is, Mos Def lazy rhyming over Madlib beat konducta beats, it isn’t bad but I expected more especially all the fuss over not wanting to be on a major record label. After this hearing this I would be glad not having to promote Mos Def-shockingly DULL.

Ciara-Fantasy Ride

LoveSexMagic is a good radio tune but her album is a waste of money and promotion. No good songs and no development since she started-AVOID for your sanity. The only fantasy you get is that Ciara would be good in bed as for her music it is about as useful as a limp dick!

Keri Hilson-In A Perfect World

This lady maybe able to write songs with Timbaland for Nelly Furtardo and Britney but her album shows she needs other artists. Knock You Down is cameo filled with Kanye ‘The Ego’ West and Neyo and the rest of the album just doesn’t ever get going. In a Perfect world this album should be good but it ends up being so dry that it makes you want to listen to Rihanna, and that really is depressing.



Sample Alert No 2-Hip-Hop Tracks

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This guy is crazy but give him credit he is enthusiastic-this is part XXI on wax-and i will put more on here…

This is showing original tracks and explaining which Hip-Hop tracks use these samples…


5 Massive Hit Songs That Almost Didn’t Get

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5 Massive Hit Songs That Almost Didn’t Get


We like to think we all know a hit song when we hear one. If we don’t, we like to at least think that guys like Quincy Jones and Keith Richards know a hit song when they hear one (it’s sort of their job).

Apparently, it’s not as easy as we thought, as a lot of classic songs almost never made it out of the studio.

#5. “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” – Rolling Stones


Like most awesome things, this song originated in the middle of the night. Unlike most awesome things, this song originated in Florida. During the Rolling Stones 1965 US tour, Keith Richards woke up suddenly for reasons that shockingly had nothing to do with heroin. He had a riff in his head that was harder to shake than his heroin habit. Keith Richards. Heroin. Get it? Anybody?

Anyway, the story goes that Richards got up and recorded the riff and the phrase “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” before dozing off. The next day, Keith and Mick fleshed out the track, and immediately Keith began to hate the shit out of his late night inspiration. At first his complaint was that the song was too “folksy.” And we all know that the last thing the music buying public of 1965 wanted was “folksy” sounding rock music.

It didn’t stop there. Keith later admitted that he considered the title “…just a working title. It could have been ‘Aunt Millie’s Caught Her Left Tit In The Mangle.’ I thought of it as just a little riff, an album filler. I never thought it was commercial enough to be a single.” He expressed concerns that the riff sounded too similar to Martha And The Vandella’s “Dancing In The Street,” and would’ve been happier if the riff was just quietly tucked away somewhere, never to be talked about again.

Eventually the rest of the band had to drag Richards into the studio and force him to record the song that he wrote and showed them in the first place. Even then, he considered his guitar part a scratch track and the recording an unfinished demo. Keith just wasn’t satisfied.


Fortunately, all the other band members, their manager, the sound engineer and we assume several wandering passersby all outvoted Richards by a landslide to release the single. The song spent two weeks at #1, and Richards’s throwaway scratch track become one of the Rolling Stone’s most recognizable anthems, and boosted sales of the Gibson fuzzbox he used on the recording to the point where supplies ran out by the end of the year.

As a sidebar, in light of the fact that Richards never went back to claim it, some of us in the Cracked writers pool have decided to use the song title “Aunt Millie’s Caught Her Left Tit In The Mangle” for our in-house garage metal band DIKCHOKE. Expect an exclusive release on our Myspace page later this year.

#4.”Kiss” – Prince


Love him or hate him, we can’t deny that Prince conquered pop music in the mid-80s, slapped its ass, pulled its hair and convinced it to do more than a few things it would regret later.

In 1986, Prince was at the top of his game and had started taking other bands under his dainty, bedazzled wing, like Morris Day’s band The Time and the “chick who’s humping Prince” project Appolynia 6. Also this band Mazarati but, as you’ll soon see, no one really gives a damn about Mazarati.

Prince was diverse and talented enough to realize when he was writing a song that wasn’t a Prince song. Such was the case, at the time, with “Kiss” which, believe it or not, was composed as a folksy/country song. Unable to finish it, he brought the demo track to his pet project du jour, Mazarati.


Unimpressed and kinda pissed, the band spent an entire day in the Paisley Park studio with engineer David Z completely rebuilding the track from the ground up. They retired for the night not believing the track was good enough. Or so they thought.

David Z returned the next morning to find Prince in the studio, tightening up his own freshly-recorded guitar and vocal tracks to the song. Reacting to Z’s stunned confusion, Prince retorted that “This song is too good for you guys. I’m taking it back.” This decision is likely the reason you had probably never heard of Mazarati before today.

Prince started cutting. He dropped the bass guitar off the track, along with all instruments but voice, guitar, drum machine and backing vocals. The result was shockingly sparse; only nine tracks were included in the mix down (most modern pop songs include roughly that many tracks for the vocals alone).


When the people at Warner heard it, they kind of wondered where, you know, all the instruments and stuff were (they said it sounded like a demo). So if you’re keeping score, the song was rejected by Prince, rejected by a shitty almost-Prince funk band and then reimagined as a sparse, bass-less song which was then almost rejected by the label.

Prince, probably after crossing his arms and whimpering in falsetto, told them that was the track they were getting and they better just deal with it. After a massive fight, the label reluctantly released it.

“Kiss” hit #1, and proved a triumph for a musician who was given more artistic freedom than pretty much any since. As for Mazarati, well, Prince later provided them with an outtake song by The Time called “Jerk Out” that made it nowhere until The Time took it back and made another # 1 hit off of it.

Seriously, after doing the research for this, we here at Cracked have been sending Mazarati friend requests on their official Myspace page, possibly one of the saddest official Myspace band pages ever. In-house Cracked band DIKCHOKE has only been around as long as this article, and we’ve already accumulated twice as many friends.

#3.”Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” – Eurythmics


Believe it or not, there was a point when no one had ever heard of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart–better known as Eurythmics, even better known as the scary chick in the tuxedo and the guy playing the cello in the cow pasture and even better known as “that 80s band that wrote that Marilyn Manson song.” That “song,” “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This),” almost didn’t exist because the band, dropped from their label after a lackluster and hit less first album, almost completely dissolved before composing it.

In 1982, the band, which had started in 1980, had yet to make a single that even approached the minor success of their previous band. Their first album was plagued by management troubles, and by the time they were recording “Sweet Dreams,” they were reduced to recording in an improvised “home studio” (read: attic of a warehouse) and were in-between labels.


Their arguments became more severe–which tends to happen when you combine artists with poverty–to the point where Lennox could not take it anymore and threatened to leave. Then, with a cold suaveness more easily expected from James Bond than a pasty synth-pop composer, Stewart replied “Okay, fine, you don’t mind if I go ahead and program the drum computer then, do you?” (he’s British, so we don’t know if “drum computer” is a euphemism for something filthy, but we’d guess that, no, it is not). And there, with Dave Stewart fucking around on a drum machine, and Annie Lennox curled up on the floor sobbing, commenced what is likely the most awkward, creepy and uncomfortable recording session since Phil Spector held a gun to Leonard Cohen’s head.

While screwing around, Stewart accidentally reversed a synthesized bass line, and holy shit did it sound badass. Badass enough that Lennox “could not resist” getting on her keyboard and laying down a synth line. The words just came to her and she improvised the lyrics and vocals right there in one take. From the looks of it, they probably made up the “plot” of the music video on the spot right then too.


Of course, this incident just followed the standard behavioral instinct of “if you’re in the middle of an argument that angry sex can’t solve, just get on the computer” that most guys possess. Except instead of playing World Of Warcraft until four in the morning, Dave Stewart put together an international hit song, and married one of the chicks from Bananarama. Kind of puts your life in perspective, doesn’t it?

#2. “What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye


Marvin Gaye is responsible for more unstoppable sex than prison. We owe so much to “Let’s Get it On,” and the fact that at one time Marvin Gaye wasn’t given his way is downright terrifying, but it’s true. About a decade into his career, Gaye had already established himself as an extraordinarily singular Motown talent, despite frequently bristling against the regimented structure of the Detroit label. But in 1970, after a crumbling marriage and the death of close friend/duet partner Tammi Terrell, Gaye became suddenly reflective and nearly ready to quit music altogether, even going so far as to try out for that year’s draft of the Detroit Lions.


The main thing Marvin had resented about the Motown system was its separation of songwriter, performer and producer as individual cogs of a hit-making machine whose responsibilities and talents were not to be mixed. With some production credit under his belt–with Motown session-band The Originals–and new songwriting partners Al Cleveland and Renaldo Benson of Four Tops fame, Marvin Gaye was ready to break out of his previous station in the machine and take control of all aspects of his destiny; his decision to buck the system influenced countless other talented artists–from peers like Stevie Wonder to later artists like Michael Jackson and Prince–to also take production and songwriting control of their product. He was about to completely shake up the music industry, but first he had to get released.

“What’s Going On” pleads for understanding. In the background of the master track, you can hear a party going on from which Gaye’s voice is markedly detached; a lonely, but passionate, voice in the crowd. The result of Gaye’s complex songwriting, mixed with his abilities as a producer and an arranger was startlingly different from anything previously released by Motown. When the final master 45 was presented for release, The CEO of Motown called it “the worst record he had ever heard.” Oh, did we mention that the CEO of Motown, Barry Gordy Jr., was Marvin Gaye’s brother-in-law?

Gordy apparently believed that the music-buying public at the time would not be able to identify with a heartfelt cry of confusion and despair over social unrest and injustice. We here at Cracked are guessing he hadn’t picked up a newspaper since early November of 1963.


Marvin stood his ground, however, threatening to walk away from music forever and, after a short stand-off, “What’s Going On” was released, and critical and commercial response was almost instant. It became Motown’s fastest selling single, the biggest hit of 1971, became Gaye’s signature song–even topping out all the other massive hit songs he was already known for–and paved the way for the even more massive hit album “Let’s Get It On.”

#1.”Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson


Off The Wall was Michael Jackson’s first album outside of the Jackson 5 franchise and his initial departure from Motown. He regarded it as his finest work, and it actually did well both critically and commercially, but it wasn’t enough. He felt cheated that Off The Wall didn’t win Album Of The Year, and he wasn’t going to be happy until he was at the helm of something too big to ignore. In his first step, he did something every 21-year-old has dreamed of doing and fired the shit out of his dad.

With producer Quincy Jones, the two collaborated on a monolithic pop masterpiece. It’s estimated that 300 original songs were penned for the project and condensed down to nine.


While composing “Billie Jean,” Jackson knew he had a hit. He frequently relates a story about leaving the studio so focused on the song that he didn’t even notice that the car he was in was on fire. Strangely enough, a few years later during the recording of a Pepsi commercial featuring a revamped version of the track, he caught the fuck on fire again. Once is a weird coincidence, twice is just damn spooky.

Jacko may have thought he had a hit, but Quincy Jones sure as hell didn’t think so. Quincy thought the track, inspired by a homicidal-suicidal stalker and that apparently made its singer burst into flames, was “too weak” for the album. He hated the demo, especially the bass-line, and he wanted to change the title. Eventually he relented, insisting amongst his studio musicians that this track needed to have a “unique sonic personality” to be worthwhile. Vocal overdubs were sung through giant cardboard tubes and the drum pattern was overlayed with sounds of cinder blocks and chunks of wood. They even brought in a guy to play something called a lyricon, an instrument that looks like it should have been played by a member of the Mos Eisley pub band.


So the track made the album, but its problems didn’t end there: MTV refused to air the video. MTV’s policy at the time was that black performers were not “rock” enough; a view that’s shocking not only because it’s racist as all hell, but also laughably ignorant of music history. It took Walter Yetnikoff, president of CBS, the record label Jackson was on, threatening to both pull all CBS artist’s videos off of MTV and publicly exposing them as the racist fuckwits they were to get the “Billie Jean” video on rotation. Rotation that quickly became heavy rotation as the song rocketed up the charts.

“Billie Jean,” as you know, became a massive hit, Jackson got his Album Of The Year, and Thriller went on to become, by all accounts, the best-selling album of all time. Having achieved everything he had set out to do and significantly more, Michael Jackson moved to his dream home at Neverland Ranch and lived happily ever after… oh wait.

Jade Goody The Musical?-I am afraid so….

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Ok, I don’t like being cynical, I really don’t, but this is going toooooooo far……………..

The article I read today, it has been edited by myself…

Jade Goody musical planned

Hope this never gets going..for the love of GOD…

Thu Apr 23 05:39PM by TV Editor
Jade Goody

A former business partner and friend of reality star Jade Goody has confirmed that plans are underway for a stage musical about her life.

Danny Hayward told the BBC that dates for auditions for the lead role would be announced in three weeks’ time, so they can cash in on the death of the reality star…and another reality TV show on the way, like we have never seen any of them….Trash TV at it’s finest, a worthy tribute to Jade indeed…

He said: “Jade was just an ordinary,foul-mouthed, council estate, narrow minded racist girl (unintelligent,no great ideals and pretty much an idiot, who cashed in on fame) and the person (another desperate idiot) who plays her will reflect that. The most important thing is to give someone a break, just like she got.”

HMMMMMMM!……Really and I bet the story will be riveting and earth shattering too. Why would anyone watch this but then this is a country who condemns someone one minute and then praises her like Princess Di, wonders never cease to amaze me, and all announced on St George’s Day.

Jade Goody

Hayward, who was one of the best men at Jade’s wedding, said that he is currently working on the script and hiring a creative team for the project ( a bunch of mugs who also want to cash in on fame-maybe Andrew Lloyd Webber perhaps).

He added: “(Jade’s) dream as a little girl was to be in a musical (as Jabba the Hut in Star Wars, or Maria from Sound Of Music, or a slag from Jack The Ripper) so obviously when she passed away it felt fitting to do something like this.”

A love Scene with Jack missing his electronic tag and his knife to avoid paying taxi fare…..


Jade’s former publicist Max Clifford (another sleaze ball-who probably preys on young women to molest them) is also believed to be in talks with several film companies about making a movie based on Goody, called Goody-The Racist and the sequel ‘Revenge of the racist Pig”

Would you go to watch a musical about Jade Goody? No……

Who should play the reality star? Why not bring her back to life and use robotics (shit as we are working on crass!) or use Miss Piggy…

Let us know what you think about the idea?……

50 Dates, Elephants, a duet with son and new moves-could only be the King Of Pop Michael Jackson

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Elephants, a duet with son and new moves as Michael rehearses



Michael Jackson is “going to dance his ass off” promised the promoter behind the singer’s comeback and farewell tour in London’s 02 arena. Intensive rehearsals have begun in a Los Angeles aircraft hanger for the concerts, which will apparently feature a menagerie of elephants, monkeys and parrots at the king of pop’s request.

In the spectacular – his first time on stage since the 2006 World Music Awards when he sang just two lines of We Are The World – the Thriller star also plans to hover above the audience, Peter Pan-like, during one number.

Factor in a duet with his 12-year-old son Prince which Michael Jackson will sing with his eldest son on the opening night of his London residency.

The 50-year-old singer is planning to invite 12-year-old Prince Michael I onstage to perform a surprise musical number during the first of his 50 ‘This Is It’ shows at London’s O2 arena in July.

A source said: “What better way to introduce his son to the music world than to have him come onstage during the most anticipated concert in history? Of course nothing’s set yet, and Michael is always changing his mind.”and the unveiling of a new dance move to rival the moonwalk, and the 50-date run is being hyped as the show of the century.

Whether the reclusive star has the stamina for that number of concerts after his protracted stint out of the limelight is a source of concern for some of his circle, though.

“Michael wants to put up a hell of a big show, but we are all holding our breath,” one friend recently confided in an interview with the Daily Mail. “He is going all out, and when you do that it comes with risks. Everyone is concerned about the number of dates.”

On the other hand the 50-year-old legend has been given a boost by the cancellation of an auction of memorabilia from his Neverland estate. He reportedly told his sister Janet a weight had been lifted off his mind by the news.

Other news


The ‘Thriller’ singer is also planning to ask Leona Lewis to join him on stage.

He reportedly wants her to sing his sister Janet Jackson’s part in their 1995 hit ‘Scream’.

Another source said: “Michael has a list of singers he feels could do Janet justice — and Leona is top. He hasn’t approached her yet but he’s a big fan of everything she has achieved.

“She’s massive all around the world and he feels this duet would give both their careers an even bigger boost.”

When Urban Trendy Areas become Hip?

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This article is about all the trendy areas which become so expensive to live in, due to bankers and rich kids, estate agents putting up the prices of property, from the time the areas are tidied up by bringing in boutiques and culture.

Whereas before the areas were nasty to live in, artists move in make them HIP then the SIGN OF GREED changes everything.

London’s Shoreditch area is becoming the same.

It has been getting worse over the last 3 years, artists and residents are seeing the area change dramatically and it’s spreading to other areas, Dalston, Hackney and even Clapton.

It is fine if you earn a decent wage or get good money or try to make ends meet, but when general going out and food is getting so expensive-HOW IS ANYONE supposed to live.

On a personal note, I will be moving out of Bethnal Green due to the expense of living in the area and I mainly go out in South London, New Cross and sometimes West but not regularly.

So I know how I feel about these peoples situations but things move on and progress will continue….Unfortunately

Anyway Jnerio Jarel (The Hip-Hop Producer) was talking about this on Myspace about Brooklyn and I would like some London artists to discuss this issue…

Here is some views from Jneiro Jarel’s article-copy and paste below link

He got this from the link is to pitchfork about TV on the Radio producer David Sitek having to close his studio in Williamsburg because he can’t afford the rent, he is now moving to live in LA permanently.