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When Urban Trendy Areas become Hip?

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This article is about all the trendy areas which become so expensive to live in, due to bankers and rich kids, estate agents putting up the prices of property, from the time the areas are tidied up by bringing in boutiques and culture.

Whereas before the areas were nasty to live in, artists move in make them HIP then the SIGN OF GREED changes everything.

London’s Shoreditch area is becoming the same.

It has been getting worse over the last 3 years, artists and residents are seeing the area change dramatically and it’s spreading to other areas, Dalston, Hackney and even Clapton.

It is fine if you earn a decent wage or get good money or try to make ends meet, but when general going out and food is getting so expensive-HOW IS ANYONE supposed to live.

On a personal note, I will be moving out of Bethnal Green due to the expense of living in the area and I mainly go out in South London, New Cross and sometimes West but not regularly.

So I know how I feel about these peoples situations but things move on and progress will continue….Unfortunately

Anyway Jnerio Jarel (The Hip-Hop Producer) was talking about this on Myspace about Brooklyn and I would like some London artists to discuss this issue…

Here is some views from Jneiro Jarel’s article-copy and paste below link

He got this from the link is to pitchfork about TV on the Radio producer David Sitek having to close his studio in Williamsburg because he can’t afford the rent, he is now moving to live in LA permanently.


Rick James Partied all the time Glowing

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Rick James

Famous for Great Honest Funky Music, outrageous behaviour including binges on coke, drinking!

So three links to the great man himself

This is for the video GLOW

Party all the time-with Eddie Murphy

A famous interview in 1988-Rare and honest!

Q-Tip interview about The Renaissance and goals for 2009

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Listen to his answers in the interview, a man who is the full meaning of being ‘TRUE’ and “Keepin it Real!’

Sly Stone interview from the early 80’s & 2008

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An interview with Sly Stone in the early 80’s and he is actually not high for a change!?!? LOL!

I think the way he explains why he wanted to write music and what he wanted to represent!

Plus an interview in 2008

A new vintage clothing blog

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A friend of mine has a blog with his vintage shades and clothes on it

Check it out

Blechez-This guy’s designs are heavy!

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Last year when i was in NY I went to a store called Pieces one in Harlem and Brooklyn

The night is back again DMSR at The Grill Room, Cafe Royal 3rd Oct 08

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Selection of eclectic party music mixed by DJ Inka and guests!
Hip Hop, Swing, 80’s, Electro, Garage, House.. etc!
Whatever gets the party bouncin’!

Ladies Free before 12
£5 after 12

Guest list RSVP: