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Banned Cartoons! How Times Change?

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It always interests me that cartoons are a medium that can get away with alot besides their for kids only RIGHT?.

They don’t express personnal beliefs RIGHT?

Well we all got confused when Bugs Bunny wore a dress, and Donald Duck you walks around with no trouser but leave the shower with a towel around his bottom half. RIGHT?

Well these clips are a few examples of banned cartoons for numerous reasons.

The first one is Tiny Toons which shows the effect of Alcohol-Shame this was banned, would be a good deterent..

The others are banned due to drug use or racist stereotypes, and to think that back then these cartoons were considered ok

So if you do take offense to any of these just a reminder they are not allowed on television AT ALL NOW

Most of the cartoon makers were German and had links with Nazi parties.

However in the future check out Disney films and the secrets behind them, check it out on the web, it is quite shocking…


How Are Crayons Made?-Sesame Street

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Yes I am like a little child sometimes but I did used to wonder how things were made….

So here is a video on

How Are Crayons Made?


Kanye West argues with Jay Z and Common helps out

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Ok i was checking Youtube videos and i found a company that does little shorts


but here is the clip i love,

Herbie Hancock teaching the kids early samplers-Plus special guest

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Video showing on Sesame Street, an early synth with sampling features

Plus a special guest’s voice sampled

Deathnote-The Trailer

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Hello everyone

I acquired all of the series of Deathnote on DVD and the volume 4 is out soon

But a trailer of wow wicked this series is….

this is what the idea is about

It’s hard being a Dictator you know?!?

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The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers-Is they Don’t Eat You

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Silly Blog I know


When I woke up this morning, running around getting ready for work, I realised about children’s books and TV programmes

The one what was at the forefront of my mind was Winnie The Pooh

A Bear called Pooh? MMMMMMMM!

Then I thought of the story where the characters told Tigger to leave the 100 Acre wood, which is sad and I remember being upset at this as Tigger was my favourite character, Pooh Bear was sad about this, but Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore and the others wanted him gone.

So as you know the story goes on and eventually they look for him and he helps save Rabbit, who in turn thanks him..

Happy Tigger pushing Piglet in Flowers

Happy Ending-In Reality NO!

A Real Tiger

Tigger is a TIGER who lives in a forest (not a jungle), and he gets told to basically F*Ck OFF by a little pig, Donkey, and a stupid hyperactive Rabbit

This docile stupid looking Rabbit

They should be lucky Tigger didn’t decide to eat them all, look at Sher Khan in Jungle Book he nearly kills Baloo, a bear 6 times the size of Pooh.

If I was Tigger I would have gone scitzo if a rabbit told me to bugger off, Tigger should have made a rabbit and carrot stew and blackmailed Pooh for his house so he didn’t eat Piglet or the beautiful tough meat of Kanga or Roo

Kanga is a single mum who would help her out OWL?

OWL gets in flap when he gets flooded let alone when a tiger is ready for his dinner BBQ Rabbit

So next time someone bigger annoys you, allow sometimes as mark my words

It won’t be like the Winnie The Pooh stories, but how fast can you run before being beaten..

A picture of Tigger ready to pin his Human Prey and devour him