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Motown Returns To The Apollo 1985

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Ok, when you do youtube searching, you find great tunes, videos and utter shit.

However today and forever more I have found some GEMS

Back in 1985, Motown artists and artists influenced by that sound went back to the Apollo to celebrate 50 years of performances

So here is some video clips ENJOY, research the rest if you wish

The Finale

Manhattans, The Cadillac s, The Drifters, The Temptations Vs The Four Tops,

Luther Vandross and Boy George-What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

New Edition-Cool It Now

George Michael and Smokey Robinson-Careless Whisper

Stevie Wonder-Fingertips-with a voice pitch shifter

Stevie Wonder and George Michael-Love’s In Need Of Love Today


Samples Galore-Part 1 and Part 2

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The series from Youtube of where Hip-Hop samples are from?

Another two clips for your pleasure..

Part 1

Part 2

Best Music of 2009…So Far

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As we now have under 6 months of the year to go with new music releases coming out..

I have compiled a list of albums which are worth listening to and in my opinion obtaining and what is not!

Golden Silvers-True Romance

This album has a mixture of 80’s but nevertheless is original in content. The musicianship on this album is high class and i expect alot of excellent albums from this group in the future. For people who love The Smiths mixed with great musicianship, I would highly recommend this album

True Romance

The Invisible-The Invisible

Another trio produced by the genius of Matthew Herbert, the lead singer has a rich voice reminiscent of old soul singers but set in a indie context. This album has grown on me and the musicians are great live..

Florence and the Machine-Lungs

Not since Bjork or Fiona Apple have I thought someone can try to compete with Kate Bush in musicality and style, but Florence is very good. Her music should be very successful in a underground/inide context if her music was in another era she would be hugely successful. This album has songs which pop music should be.

Passion Pit-Passion Pit

Another group that has been getting a little undercurrent of following, a group from Boston, USA which has musicality like TV on the Radio and more bite then the flat Hot Chip.

Noisettes-Wild Hearts Run Free

I loved their first punky, all balls first album, here the group have used Shingai’s voice to great effect and it is a shame they seem to have only got recognised now..

Paulo Nutini-Sunny Side Up

I love this album and I didn’t like the first atall (I thought he was a poor James Morrison who was a poor soul-type James Blunt) but Paolo Nutini has really improved alot and this is my 2nd favourite album of the year and surprised me so much. Great songs, great musicianship and shows this man has talent. Try and get to listen you will find something to like..

Lady Ga Ga-The Fame

My album of the year so far, an album full of great songs and Redone is a sick producer (the stuff here is so much better then Akon’s) yes I am not a big pop fan but this is great music and I can’t see many albums beating this. Plus it has no Steven Hawking voice machine in it gladly. We may have the new Madonna on our hands and she has struggled and worked hard to get where she is..

Some albums that have disappointed me…


I love Maxwells voice, and I was ready to promote his new album with open arms and embrace it but another issue again with a Soul singer’s album where are the F*CKING melodies? Bad Habits and Cold are good but the album is another disappointment for me, cold dead and uninspiring from Maxwell who has become so safe musically since the amazing Embrya album..

La Roux-La Roux

Two hit songs but a boring album, and I think a very contrived artist who doesn’t interest me at all because the material is so one dimensional, In For The Kill remix by Skream is great, acquire that and forget about this artist otherwise. If i wanted to hear this type of music i would listen to Eurythmics, Yazoo and later on Everything But The Girl..

Daniel Merriweather-Love and War

Rated very highly Mark Ronson’s protegee, but talk about a boring album, if you weren’t depressed before you will be after listening to this album. Change is a good pop song but apart from that No memorable music and to be honest if you want to hear something like this I feel sorry for you. Over hyped as an artist but however Daniel can sing and I would hope to hear a better album next time, a couple of up beat numbers at least.

Mos Def-The Ecstatic

Black on Both Sides is one of the best Hip-Hop albums of the last 10 years, but Mos Def doesn’t seem to want to replicate at least one track as good ever again. This is a mixtape and really should be free because all this is, Mos Def lazy rhyming over Madlib beat konducta beats, it isn’t bad but I expected more especially all the fuss over not wanting to be on a major record label. After this hearing this I would be glad not having to promote Mos Def-shockingly DULL.

Ciara-Fantasy Ride

LoveSexMagic is a good radio tune but her album is a waste of money and promotion. No good songs and no development since she started-AVOID for your sanity. The only fantasy you get is that Ciara would be good in bed as for her music it is about as useful as a limp dick!

Keri Hilson-In A Perfect World

This lady maybe able to write songs with Timbaland for Nelly Furtardo and Britney but her album shows she needs other artists. Knock You Down is cameo filled with Kanye ‘The Ego’ West and Neyo and the rest of the album just doesn’t ever get going. In a Perfect world this album should be good but it ends up being so dry that it makes you want to listen to Rihanna, and that really is depressing.