Gil Scott Heron Documentary-6 Parts

As some of you may know I love Gil Scott Heron, his poetry, his voice, his life and especially his views…

So for you to discover more about him check these out

6 Responses to “Gil Scott Heron Documentary-6 Parts”

  1. Thank you so much for this documentary post. Otherwise, I would never have seen this – and as Gil Scott always did, it nourished me. Gil Scott was the soundtrack of my childhood (thanks to my Black Panther moms) and he deserves greater recognition for his cultural and musical contributions.

    We (I) still need him…and pray that the lord has mercy on his drug-addled soul…brilliance defined.

  2. […] schauts euch selbst an. Hier gehts zu dem Blog wo alle sechs Parts der Doku zu finden sind. Und zum Einstimmen hier der erste […]

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  4. aaron h Says:

    Rest in Peace Gil Scott!

    Thanks for posting this!!!!!

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