The 50 Most Beautiful Women In The World According To DMSR

The Most Beautiful 50 Women In The World According To DMSR

1. Monica Belucci

The reason I pick Monica Belluci as the most beautiful women in the world is for many years Monica Belluci’s beauty has been outstanding and breathtaking and as she gets older she becomes more radiant. She doesn’t seem to age? Not everybody’s ideal but nevertheless Monica’s womanly physique, and facial attributes stand her high up in most beautiful peoples lists and will continue to do so for more years to come.

2. Natalie Portman

I met Natalie Portman by accident about two years ago in a trainer/sneaker shop in Brick Lane, East London and in the flesh she is radiant and flawless, she has amazing skin and a personality that is so down to earth and normal and that self assured attitude makes her sexiness bewilder you. Someone again who has grown up in the media eye and even has a degree from Harvard. Beauty and Brains and now dates Devandra Bernhardt, who is an amazing conscious musician!

3. Rosario Dawson

A mixed race beauty that has a great aura and attributes, her confidence is incredibly alluring. Never highly regarded in many beautiful women lists or very highly regarded in Hollywood either but every film I have ever seen her in she exudes skill, intelligence, and beauty and is someone who seems to be able to adapt her look. Look at the films Rent, Alexander, Sin City and her own film Descent. Though Josie in the pussycats wasn’t her greatest film, she still is amazingly stunning in it.  She also hasn’t succumbed to plastic surgery which is rare in Hollywood!


4. Padma Lakshmi

Salman Rushdie’s ex wife, I bet he is kicking himself, another amazingly beautiful women who again is never high in lists or featuring at all, can speak up to 8 different languages, has a huge intelligence and another women I have seen in the flesh and nearly gone run over by a London cabbie, again like Natalie Portman my breath was taken away.


5. Halle Berry

Since watching the film Boomerang, and Fallen Angel, Halle Berry has lit up cinema screens. Now 40 years old Halle is even more beautiful then she has ever been and is now settling into her new life and being a mother gives her added glow (when she was pregnant and came to London for her premier she looked like a Greek goddess) after the heartache and pain of previous relationships. Another adaptable women in her beauty and her profession, i just wish she never had a nose job and kept more of her Black features.


6. Scarlett Johansson

When you think of all the Movie heroines in the 1950’s, wonderful lips, body, shape, eyes, now roll on 50 years later and this is what Scarlett Johansson has and every film I see her in you are bewildered by her beauty and in some ways it must take away her creditability as a actress and recently a singer (very much an album like Nico from Velvet Underground would do if alive) a beautiful women who has married a interesting man in Ryan Reynolds .

7. Liya Kebede

A black model who has been gaining a more recognisable profile in the last 2-3 years, not just as a model but an actress, and spokes person for many issues. Deserved to be one of the four separate models on ‘The Black Issue’ Vogue cover along with Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn. Her beauty is astounding and will only get better with age and will become the next Iman to have modeling work way into her mid-40’s to later life.


8. Jennifer Lopez

A latin beautiful women of the highest order, Jennifer Lopez since the late 1990’s has been adapting and turning heads with her famous ASSet and her stunning looks. The multi talented actress, stylist, singer (may not have the greatest voice but some songs are okay), has been working hard and now seems to exude beauty still into her 40’s and still looks amazing, I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings.  Again another women who has not succumbed to plastic surgery.

9. Josie Maran

Again not such a known model worldwide, even in America she is known for who she’s dating (David Blaine being one of the lucky culprits). But the face of the cosmetic adverts of Maybeline, has been outstandingly beautiful and has a natural body, which reminds you of all the models past and present.

10. Drew Barrymore

Ever since ET Drew Barrymore’s face has been in my mind, and when she was older Drew’s beauty has always stood out. A natural, intelligent, and radiant person who is not regarded highly in beautiful lists and maybe not as a serious actress in Hollywood, but as a business women don’t dismiss her, as she co-produced the Charlie’s Angels films. A women like Scarlett has a very 1950’s quality about her. In her mid 30’s she seems to be not aging at all.

11. Penelope Cruz

A Spainish actress who has become more and more prominent in Hollywood, she has had a reputation as a heartbreaker due to her romances with Nicolas Cage, Mathew Mc and famously Tom Cruise. A naturally beautiful woman with great attributes and shines in many diverse films, blockbusters or independent films. Her confident approach mixed with her humble European nature makes her a very alluring women.

12.. Nicole Scherzinger

When watching music videos every so often you do see a beautiful women, and when I saw this sassy, pouting beautiful women singing and moving, I was hooked. ‘Don’t Cha’ this song was a call and response to beauty and the Pussycat Dolls were now known and seen. Nicole eludes sexiness, and has supermodel good looks, and to consider she is in her mid 30’s she will probably get more attractive when older. Her dress sense is also a little eccentric but can look amazing in plain outfits too. Every fashion magazine shoot and every music video she is in shows what a beautiful women she is, it is a shame they couldn’t’ t get her solo career going as the package is great but no songs with any musical bite.

13. Kate Winslet

The English rose with a naturally beautiful face, her warmth of her personality is showed on interviews and even off the cuff she still exudes sexiness, without even trying. I remember seeing Kate Winslet in titanic and gladly she was for a film which sank like a ship in my memory apart from her ravishing beauty and still now 10 years on Kate Winslet is one of the most beautiful women in the world..

14. Jessica Alba

From her first appearance on Dark Angel to her latest offerings in film Jessica Alba is a beautiful women and no denying that. Amazing facial features and a body to match and eventually her sexiness potential was shown in Sin City and from then on her offers of film roles (not all good-Awake?), but this women has a bright future and even a child birth won’t affect this ladies beauty. Rumour has it that she was Tom Cruise’s first choice before getting his team to contact Katie Holmes.

15. Gisele Bundchen

The Supermodel that has for over 10 years graced many catwalks and fashion magazines is still going strong. She is the highest paid supermodel in the world and is the worlds richest supermodel. Here beauty is obvious to see and her mix of Germanic descent and Brazilian upbringing makes her attributes attract a wide range of people hence her popularity. Also her humanitarian efforts should eb priasede and always seems to give beack to poor communties in Brazil to set-up projects..

16. Naomi Campbell

A model who has for a at least 20 years been gracing the catwalks and was one of the first major Supermodels, has been a influential women to many young Black women who wish to enter the fashion industry which is predominantly racist. Her personal life has overshadowed her effect on the industry and that is due to being unfairly persecuted but also her own ‘Diva’ demands haven’t helped. However at over 40 Naomi still has a body most 20 years old yearn for let alone over that age, a toned dancer’s body on an Amazonian beauty.

17. Audrey Tautou

When watching the film Amelia I was captivated by a beautiful face and slender frame, the film was not the most amazing experience for a film but adding to the visual aspect seeing this lady changed my views on certain types of beauty, in every film Audrey Tautou oozes class, beauty and a sophisticated look reminisce of her namesake Audrey Hepburn.

18. Charlize Theron

A former fashion model and ballet dancer but now known as an actress and film producer. She was discovered for acting in random circumstances and then three years later become known for her emotional acting abilities first displayed in The Devils Advocate. Her beauty is a mixture of Germanic/French decent and was born in South Africa and has a wide appeal among movie goers which is alluring but still can have a girl next door charm.

19. Naomi Harris

A outstandingly strong beautiful woman who has been and come through immense personal adversity, whilst growing up and studying for her degree to becoming a professional actress. I remember seeing her face in a magazine such as GQ as one to watch for the future and remembered her in television adaptation of Zadie Smith‘s White Teeth, and then appearing in films such as 28 Days Later, and then minor roles in big blockbusters. But Naomi’s best features for me is her approach to life being a Buddhist and how she will not leave London to move to Hollywood which I imagine has gone against her in gaining big roles instead of supporting roles. To me a strong minded woman exudes beauty and then her looks only compensates her attitude.

20. Sienna Miller

21. Alyssa Milano

22. Aishwarya Rai

23. Kelis Rodgers-Jones

24. Alicia Keys

25. Kerry Washington

26. Lisa Bonet

27. Kate Beckinsale

28. Jennifer Love Hewitt

29. Ashley Judd

30. Raquel Welch

In her heyday and stil looks great now in her 60’s/70’s

31. Pam Grier

Still looks great now even recently in the L word

32. Demi Moore

33. Lucy Liu

Looked like a Goddess in Ally McBeal and continued to blossom to beauty in films.

34. Eva Mendes

35. Stacey Dash

Still an amzing beauty after Clueless and her Playboy poses a few years ago show this.

36. Elizabeth Shue

The dog wasn’t harmed during the picture being taken..

37. Jourdan Dunn

38. Iman


At this front cover celebrating her 50th Birthday


39. Thandie Newton

40. Sanaa Lathan

This may shock people but her lips alone are what men die for in a woman.


41. Salma Hayek

42. Zoe Kravitz

A future model waiting to blow-up, the off-spring of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.


43. Shakara

44. Veronica Webb

45. Rachel Yamagata

46. Zadie Smith

47. Kristin Davis

48. Mayra Andrade

New world singer from Cape Verdenan who is 20 years old and sounds like a veteran and has an amazing presence live

49. Grace Jones

At 60 years old one of the most striking Black women who still models now


50. Kate Bush

A strange one to be considered but Kate Bush was in her heyday and still is an exceptionally beautiful woman


62 Responses to “The 50 Most Beautiful Women In The World According To DMSR”

  1. batguano101 Says:

    Your list is all beautiful.

    But they are all celebrities.

    The current definition of female celebrity appears to be a pretty woman who does porn, at least to get started.

    So limiting the most beautiful to this group seems a little slanted.

    There are many beautiful women on earth aside from the porn celebrities.

  2. richardjamesuk1981 Says:

    Yes they are all famous-correct

    But actually my list are mainly people who haven’t done porn or mens magazines work and most have not had cosmetic surgery.

    Your comment is a little one sided…

    You can research this for the point to be proved.

    Also my issue with beauty is how mostly it constitutes to only White Women, whereas beautiful women come in all races, and beauty is subjective…

    This list is a fair list in the fact the people are listed as beautiful are naturally beautiful and not artificial and the women range in age some of the woman in the list are 60 years old right down to a baby faced 18 year old.

  3. There are indeed beautiful women on your list. Unfortunately, many of the photos are heartbreaking reminders of how women strive for beauty through the objectification and over-sexualizing of their bodies. As a beautiful woman, it makes me sad to realize how limiting the standards for beauty are in our society and how much we lose of ourselves and lives by submitting to these standards. And yes, including women of all races is a positive step in broadening our ideas of beauty, however when the same system of objectification remains, women’s true beauty can not be known.

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      I read your comment and at last someone has responded to the post with an intelligent point!

      As a future blog i would like to discuss the state of the media industry to what is considered Beautiful!

      If you would like to contribute please say so, your comments are most welcome!

      Thank You


      P.S. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder not a media lens

  4. I have to agree witht he point that it is a biased list.

    All of these women are celebrities,
    I think that calling them the 50 most beautiful women in the world is over generalising more than slightly, did you check out all of the billions of women all over the world because I’m sure there are “normal” beautiful and natural women,

    These celebs have professional make-up artists, stylists, manicurists…. MONEY!!!
    Also, some of these celebrities have had surgery so I think that is unfair!

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      This can seem biased but do you think the average person in the world has time to check out all the billions of women around the world.

      Also classify “normal” beautiful and natural.

      Natural beauty is rare to find because in the world of the beholder (us) and media lens (general public)-beauty is subjective.

      What you find is beautiful is perhaps very different to myself and all the readers of the blog and all the billions of people worldwide.

      Celebrities are chosen in these lists because it is more likely that millions and even billions of people know who they are?!?!

      Okay some may have had surgery but alot of women in the world have aswell, could altering your face be including makeup-as it is not your natural skin complexion.

      Make-up makes your skin even tone which as we know is a rarity indeed.

      The celebrities may have professional make-up artists, stylists and MONEY but the average women in the western world spends £500 to £2000 per year

      That money could feed a whole village for a year in a third world country.

      So if you have time to find all the billions of women take photos and narrow it down to 50-BE MY GUEST

      But unless you are related to GOD, it just won’t happen….

  5. Beaulatasha is the World’s Most Beautiful Woman and she is no celebrity, Science has declared her the most beautiful. Many have said she is a myth but her billboards around the world can speak for her.

  6. Richard you blog is outstanding very visually impressive to say the least. This woman I speak about is a visual phenomenon (Beaulatasha) and she is not a celebrity. The documentary about her will air on television in 2010. I will keep you posted.

  7. Nice, But i have to say that non of the black women u have posted are sexy .. they look really discusting,, sorry for that but it is how i feal ~~

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      Well everyone is entitled to their opinion. Could you come up with some suggestions for the list. Would be interesting to hear your opinion.

    • God's Property Says:

      This comment must be from a very young “unknown” (child/teen). No mature and educated person would make such a negative comment about Black women, the original Mother of all human ancestry! Television and printed media’s standard of beauty is NOT the law.

      BTW, consider taking a class in English (or pay attention in class), your spelling is atrocious! While you’re “learning” take some ancient history classes as well.

      — Prof. Hanson, OSU

      • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

        Prof Hanson, thank you for your comment, plus as you can see i asked for suggestions from the person who made the uneducated comment and didn’t have the guts to put down his or her name. Plus look at the non response back. Black women are the first and always have been beautiful women on earth. If you study the bible it clearly states that Adam and Eve were Black, and it is always an interesting concept nobody relates Mother Nature with a Black woman, or even GOD. Prof Hanson as I am based in the UK do you have books you have written on Black History and perhaps beauty and religion being a focus. I also wanted to write a blog about the REAL truth behind Jesus and Judahs Vessels. I know alot personally but would like to get the historical facts correct.

  8. I’d suggest Rachel McAdams for the list.
    And Emily Browning. She’s still quite young but still..

    Anna Friel, Portia de Rossi, Kirsten Dunst, Summer Glau, Zooey Deschanel, Catherine Zeta Jones, Carla Bruni, really the list can go on forever..

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      Some of these suggestions are interesting but in my opinion wouldn’t go on this list.

      My opinion on some suggestions

      Rachel Mcadams is very plain (nothing outstanding beautiful at all)
      Anna Friel (OK, maybe in a list of others but not mine, I really like her personality but if i was going by beauty, I personally don’t see it)
      Portia De Rossi (I used to watch Ally McBeal and never found her attractive at all and still don’t, Ellen on the other hand has something beautiful about her-may revise that one)
      Kirsten Dunst (Overated actress and overrated beauty, again never been attracted to her)
      Catherine Zeta Jones (Very beautiful women but I would have her in the top 50 later but not now)

      • Lex Luthor Says:

        You think Rachel is plain yet J Lo makes your list? You’re a fucking idiot. Case closed.

      • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

        Ask a vote from any man, who is more beautiful Rachael Adams or Jennifer Lopez?

        Most would choose Jennifer Lopez aesthetically as she appeals to many spectrum’s of men, Rachael Adams in my opinion is plain, and most people if you ask would agree.

  9. Interesting list. Though, it’s more than evident that it is far from objective. Notable personal bias/preference it seems by the blogger, obviously validated by comment(s) above (again, by the blogger). Regardless, thanks for the share and the appreciation of female beauty in general.

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      Well, any suggestions or construct your own list, I wanted the list to be different to what is generally out there. Their is a lack of older women, black women in most beautiful women lists. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Thankyou for the list.

    As mentioned earlier beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I find also following women very attractive in broad sence, something which is hard to describe. Just a one photograph may not reveal it. Luckily these women have been on the screen too.

    Freida Pinto (in Slumdog Millionare, actually pretty good acting despite her role was paper thin)

    Leonor Varela (Innocent Voices – Arielis best actress nominee, Sleep Dealer – you should watch the film just for her)

    Zoë Bell – some aspects which make a woman attractive/beautifull are not just the fine cheekbones or perfect facesymmetry. Zoë has made the fancy fight-scenes in Kill Bill from behalf of Uma Thurman. You should watch the film Double Dare and get a glance how hard is to make a living as a stuntwoman. Finally Zoë Bell got his very own movie where she naturally makes his own stunts and her face isn’t digitally replaced with some Hollywood superstar on the above list. That film is just released Angel of Death. Not a filmmaking masterpiece but Zoë does remarkable work, her movements are such an enjoyment, atleast to me.

    Uma Thurman – part of this admiration goes to Zoë. Uma can’t make the fightscenes herself but she has some sort of mysterious glow inside her. Controversy of strongness and fragility at the same time gives me pleasure to watch her.

    Pardon my bad English but I couldn’t help myself and had to give my 2 [€]cents to this discussion.

  11. Greg Tanner Says:

    All very beautiful women indeed ! However I have to say, I was surprised to not see one very beautiful woman, “Samantha Mamba”. Then again she might have come in at number 51. Love your Website, and please keep up the fantastic work!

    Thank You, Greg Tanner

  12. I love your list! Maxim always has the most absurd list. I don’t understand why it’s so famous.
    I love how it has not only women across different racial barriers but also women of varying age. There are some stick skinny women(the chick from the Pussycat Dolls looks like a bobble head sometimes) but then there were still women with curves to die for.
    Black women are soooo underrated. The media’ll pump up a average looking white actress over a stunning African American actress. A pretty woman is a pretty woman and I’m glad there are some men out there who recognize that FACT. 😛

  13. By today’s standard you are on the money. I am 62 and was in love with what I considered the most beautiful women ever when I was younger. Joan Bennett, Heddie Lemar, Carol Lombard and those women who changed the concept of fashion and beauty. The styles of the late 30s cant be beat even by today’s standard. Everything that I say here is limited by the beauty that I see and experience with my lady of 39 years who doesnt serf, but who knows….

  14. Opinions can vary, everyone’s tastes are different, but……….
    Drew Barrymore in the the top ten???????
    She’s not even in the top billion.

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      Hey like you said everyone’s opinions are different.

      When I compiled this list I was looking at women who had not much surgery, different appeals.

      Drew Barrymore, in my opinion is beautiful as she has none succumbed to surgery in HOLLYWOOD, that is very rare and she is 40 years old, and she looks as good as she was at 20 years old.

      Halle Berry is obvious I suppose but yet again looks great for her age and many others do, Monica Belluci is nearly 50.

      In most Beautiful women lists their is a lack of ethnic people, i.e. Black, Asian, Indian and so on and to me that is backward, but in some cultures, beauty is seen differently, i tried to make this varied as possible and so people will agree to disagree.

      Any suggestions for this list would be appreciated as it will be changed soon, as the list is 2 years old.

      For example some people would suggest Freida Pinto, Megan Fox and many others……..

      Thank you for your comment…

      Much Appreciated.


  15. Very nice! But no list of the top 50 most beautiful women alive can exist with out Paz Vaga and Laura Harring. Neither should history forget these beautiful women – Ava Gardner, Vivian Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, Hedy Lamarr, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner et al.

    Thanks for your list though – it’s well thought out – though on balance its the brunettes and latino look that conquers all!


  16. eric thomas Says:

    i love women.

  17. I completely adore this list!!! Would love to see it updated.

    I am trying very hard to figure out what these women have in common… what exactly makes them beautiful… studying their faces.

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:


      The list will be updated, this was originally written four years ago, but it takes along time to edit, plus I would need to do a lot more descriptions.

      When I first compiled the list I found as a man most attitudes towards beautiful women were starkly racist/prejudice and poorly represented by the media, I mean years ago Britney Spears won FHM most sexist women (REALLYYYY!) nah.

      On the post I have addressed a few issues with some women choosen, some bloggers and readers of the list have found shocking and really take it to heart, but again it is an opinion and everyone has a right to them as long as theirs hatred behind it.

      I actually find women beautiful no matter what race, creed, religion or background they come from.

      However I am not the norm, and in reality we must find the beauty in everyone.

      • “I actually find women beautiful no matter what race, creed, religion or background they come from.”



        *daydreaming* one day I’ll be on someone’s “most beautiful” list 🙂

      • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

        Beauty can be conceived as everything but you are on someone most’s beautiful list your own.

        Loving yourself is key, you look in the mirror knowing everyday you are the most beautiful person in the world.

        It is the first step to a new way of thinking and acceptance of who you are.

  18. I’d like to know why Jane Birkin isn’t in this, she was only known as the sex kitten of the 60s.. christ

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      There is many beautiful women from the 20th Century , I applied mostly to the last 20 years if that and there is many more that needs to be added and removed.

      It is an opinion but their will be an updated list in the future however the number one will still be Monica Bellushi

  19. Herschel Copeland New Orleans area Says:

    I am an unknown portrait artist and photographer and I limit my work to females and children. Your list exhibits some of my own personal choices, Halley Berry, Eva Mendez, J.LO, plus a few others. I have been fortunate to have photographed a great many of the worlds most beautiful women who are not celebrities, they are simply just outstanding beautiful females of all ages. I do not Photoshop my subject, I spend a lot of time with my lighting and people who see my work often ask where I find so many beautiful females. My reply, “They live next door to you, they work in Walmart, they are in your church, I personally do their makeup and tell them how to style their hair. I am 75 years old and still working because I am obsessed with the beauty of women and children. Truly beautiful women are beautiful inside as well as the exterior. I enjoyed your collection.
    Thank you.

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      Thank you for your wonderful reply, I will be updating this list and like yourself I do find the more natural beauty is more towards my influence and attraction to women of all ages, race, creed, and body type. I will be writing more articles on this blog soon linked to my skincare company i now run, own and make the products. I would like to check out your photography work do you have a link to this.

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  21. I couldn’t help but notice that most of the black women on this list are nude and not ONE photo of any other race were nude. Why is that?

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      When I set out this post over 4 years ago I looked for photos which I personally liked of that particular person and the pictures you are mentioning I think showcase the beauty of those women-also I tried to find photos which were not so well known, the Naomi picture is a David LaCapelle shoot, which is hard to find outside of his books and I think it is one of Naomi’s best pictures (I had other photos but it was my personal favourite). The Kelis photo shows a inner beauty which not everyone is familiar with Kelis natural beauty (it is a photo which was done for a charity shoot “Breast Cancer I think”). However in hindsight maybe I should have had all the women in similar nude guises to make it fair or make it more tasteful and have none. If the post offends you I am sorry, however it is an opinion(s) and we are all entitled to that and our tastes. The post will be updated soon and maybe I will find pictures more tasteful and less provocative. Thanks for the comment.

    • I already said that this is a biased list.
      I mean… are these guys serious ?
      EVA MENDES ?
      — These are not beautiful… Maybe they are his cousins !!

      • richardjamesuk1981 Says:


        A biased list is always present from anyone as it’s that persons opinion.

        None of these women are related to me, that did make me laugh though.

        When you consider women in film, fashion, music or media over the last 20-30 years some of these names within the list are present, and there are many more to be added, this list was originally done 4 years ago.

        Within beauty I look at presence, facial structure, bodytype and much more then just a sexual type, beauty is presented in very different ways, and maybe the link between Monica Bellushi and Rosario Dawson isn’t obvious but again there are similarities.

        Amazing bone structure
        Personality (watch these people be interviewed)
        who they are
        What they do
        Why are they beautiful

        some of the names stated before

        Eva Mendes has in my opinion always been beautiful and oozes sensuality, hence why she was chosen for underwear ads
        Penelope Cruz again has a down to earth charm but has a incredible portfolio of film and fashion work.
        Kate Winslet is a natural beauty who is not everyone’s choice but has a beauty that is effortless.

        I could go on, and like i said it’s only an opinion make up your own list and mail me when you do, and I will make observations.

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  24. What a biased list, LOL
    And with a few other women thrown in to disguise your bias.
    Go away !!

  25. You obviously have a preference for black women as you have chosen mainly black or mixed race, my personal opinion is they’re all nice looking, except cfor one who is so masculine looking and in my opinion ugly and that is Grace Jones, my other thought is…..take the wigs And weaves off these womwn and leave the with their own afro hair,,,,and I don’t think tHey’d be in this list…the Indian woman with green eyes is beautiful…but to my eye most black women are not and can’t really be compared as they have such different features, the same way that Mauri women are ugly

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      Preference is beauty always not race or creed, in this post I wanted to confront the ideals of beauty, as in some cultures beauty is seen and interpreted very differently.

      There are Woman here people would not agree are beautiful, however what i am aiming for is people to challenge their views on beauty and perhaps see images and ideals turned on their head.

      For example in the UK magazine FHM Katie Price (Jordan) is voted high in most sexy women lists. To me she had way too much plastic surgery and is not ascetically beautiful in any way shape or form.

      Plus I do think it is interesting your opinion on Black women not being attractive if they do not have weaves or wigs, the face of beauty can be considered also, but is this belief a race is not attractive through choice or indoctrination?

      Stating any race not being beautiful is also very sweeping and quite narrow minded, but you are entitled to your opinion obviously.

  26. Might I add that people are absolute morons to complain that your list on your blog is biased. Everyone’s opinion of beautiful is biased.
    The fact that they disagree is their bias. People are so quick to toss judgement not realizing they’re uncovering themselves.

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      People can be a waste of space in their views as they talk gas, and their arguments are flawed.

      Alot of people have indoctrinated views of beauty which are usually backward and even racist most of the time, but are never challenged on it.

      If anybody disagrees with my list create your own, but check it up and see what attracts you, but creating a list ain’t easy.

      That is why they use criticism, as they know they couldn’t do it, jealousy, and pathetic behavior.

      Females should do this for males too, maybe create a super list! LOL!

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  28. A thoughtful list of highly attractive women, for many reasons. I think it’s marvelous that women of a certain age are included

    • richardjamesuk1981 Says:

      This is exactly what I wanted to showcase and represent, as their is a stigma about beauty.

      Beauty is obviously subjective but once people look at features apart from obvious assets such as breasts, legs, face which most Men’s magazines adhere to.

      Then they can look at a women and admire their outer but also their inner beauty, alot of the women on the list have interesting personalities and not just a beautiful face.

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